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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Famous Recipe in Britain : Easy Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Some might say England’s greatest inventions were the steam engine and the Jaguar E-Type. We like to think shepherd’s pie -- minced lamb topped with mashed potato. One of the quickest and easiest supper dishes is a recipe shepherds pie. As you can see with this easy Shepherds Pie recipe, traditionally the pie is made with ground lamb, but if using ground beef it would be called a Cottage Pie. However, the recipe is the same for both.Enjoy the recipe...

  •     2 lb / 900g potatoes, peeled and quartered
  •     6 tbsp milk
  •     1 stick / 110g butter, cubed + 1 tbsp for the sauce
  •     Salt and ground black pepper
  •     1/2 tbsp lard or dripping
  •     1 cup/ 115g chopped onion
  •     1 cup / 115g finely diced carrot
  •     1 clove garlic, minced
  •     2 cups / 450g ground/ minced lamb
  •     1 pint / 600 ml beef stock
  •     1 cup / 115g chopped white mushrooms
  •     2 tbsp finely chopped flat leaf parsley
  •     1 tbsp all-purpose flour
  •     1 cup/ 115g grated Cheddar Cheese


    1. Heat the oven to 375°F/190°C/Gas 5

    2. Boil the potatoes until soft then drain into a colander. Place the milk and butter in the pan used to boil the potatoes, return to the heat and warm gently until the butter has melted. Add the potatoes and mash. Season to taste and keep to one side.

    3. Melt the lard or dripping in a large deep pan. Add the onion and carrot and fry for 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for another minute.

    4. Add the ground lamb and one-third of the beef stock to the onion and carrot mixture and cook, stirring constantly until all the meat is browned. Add the remaining stock, parsley and mushrooms, season with salt and pepper. Cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes.

    5. Mash the flour into the remaining 1 tbsp butter then add in small pieces to the ground meat sauce, stirring until all the flour has dissolved and the sauce has thickened slightly, approx 5 mins.

    6. Place the meat sauce into an 8"X 3"/ 20cm X 7cm deep ceramic or glass ovenproof dish and cover with the mashed potato. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top of the potato and bake in the heated oven for 30 - 35 mins until the surface is crisp and browned. Serve immediately.

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