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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pitha Recipe : Dudh Chitoi (Milk Chitoi) Pitha

Dudh Chitoi or Milk Chitoi pitha is a traditional dessert made usually in winter. It is sweet, sultry and creamy. It is delicious by itself.

Ingredients :
  •     3 cups of atop or pulao rice
  •     water as needed
  •     salt as needed
  •     oil for greasing the tawa
  •     1/2 cup of palm date jaggery
  •     2-3 cardamoms
  •     2 cinnamon sticks
  •     3 liters of milk

 Preparation method :

1. Soak the rice for 4-5 hours

2. Roast the rice in a tawa so that the rice grains become powdery.

3. Mix the roasted rice in 1 cup of lukewarm water and a pinch of salt.

4. Make sure that the mixture is neither too thin nor thick-so add just a bit of
     water at a time and mix.

5. Heat a thick tawa (the ones that are especially made to cook chitoi pitha) and   
     grease it with oil.

6. Now take a big spoon and pour a spoonful of the mixture in circular motion so that
     a round shaped chitoi pitha forms.

7. Put the lid on and cook for 4-5 minutes. The pitha will swell into a beautiful
     white round shape. Take it out and set aside.

8. Repeat to make a few more chitoi pitha.

9. In a cooking pot, mix the palm date jaggery with 3 cups of water.

10. Heat the mixture and sprinkle the cardamoms and cinnamon sticks.

11. Allow the mixture to boil.

12. Mean while, in a separate pot, boil the milk so that it thickens down to 2 liters
       of its volume from its original 3 liters.

13. Dip the chitoi pitha in this palm date jaggery syrup for a bit and set aside.

14. Mix the warm milk with the palm date jaggery syrup in which the chitoi pithas
       were initially dipped.

15. Now soak the chitoi pitha in this mixture for 4-5 hours. Serve chilled

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