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Thursday, 24 January 2013

WInter Piths Festival : Nokshi Pitha Recipe

Nokshi Pitha has a distinct flavor that makes this round shaped pitha so unique. Designing each pitha involves practice, but also passion. It is believed that traditionally women used to express their inner thoughts through these designs. These pithas are brought in for wedding ceremonies, and are also given to the groom's family as gifts.

Ingredients :
  •     water as needed
  •     3 cups of rice powder
  •     Salt as needed
  •     1 cup of date jiggery
  •     Oil for deep frying-as needed

 Preparation method :

1. Boil water and add the rice powder and salt. Mix and stir well to make a thick
   dough. Roll the dough well to make it soft and smooth. Ball some balls of out the

2. Roll each boll out on a rolling pin to make a thick tortilla. Cut shapes out of
   it and make designs on each of the shapes.

3. On a separate bowl mix in the jiggery with water to make a syrup.

4. Heat oil in a deep drying fan. Dip each of the shapes (pitha) in the jiggery syrup
   well and fry in deep oil. Fry until the pitha turns golden brown

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